YOu can...

Renew Your Keg

Surface Renewal

Transform your used kegs with Surface Renewal, restoring their appearance and functionality for extended use.

outside cleaning

Inside Cleaning (Important)

Give new life to your old kegs with our Inside Cleaning service. Proper inside cleaning will save drink’s taste and quality.

inside cleaning

Reduce Capacity

Optimize your size, by reducing the capacity from 50 liters to 30 liters, allowing for flexible storage solutions.

reduce capacity

Change from Non-Stackable to Stackable

Upgrade your existing kegs from non-stackable to stackable, maximizing space efficiency and organization in your brewery or facility.

Neck Change

Change kegs’ neck to the 2″x14 TPI from the options listed below.

From Sealed
neck1 e1717571399872
Neck 2

Remove Old Logos

Refresh your kegs by removing old logos and applying new ones, giving them a polished look that aligns with your brand identity.

New Logo Appliance

Enhance the appearance of your kegs by replacing old logos with new ones, ensuring they reflect the latest branding for your brewery or business.

Laser logo appliance

Spear Renovation

Upgrade your kegs’ spears for improved functionality and reliability, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient dispensing experience for your customers.


Remove or Insert the Spear

Replace fittings to keep your kegs working like new. Use convenient, reliable fittings to assure longer-lasting equipment.

Shorten or Extend the Spear

Make your fittings perfectly fit your kegs. Get the right fit for to ensure long and productive life for your equipment.

spear refurbished e1713269552387