Get a used
stainless steel keG

Protect the planet and the environment by getting used kegs instead of the new ones. Kegs are produced with Nickel which excelerates climate change and spreads desieses  

As of 2024

Nickel is Threatning the Environment

The industry is facing a multitude of environmental challenges, ranging from water use to greenhouse gas emissions.

3.3 Million

Metric Tons of Nikel Produced each year


Of Global Human Population Affected


Active Nickel Mines All Around the Globe

$48 B.

Keg industry is enormous and has big impact on the planet.

Reuse Kegs to Protect The Planet

plastic keg
metal keg before after
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Used Kegs Are Sustainable and Healthy

Eco-Friendly Choice: By opting for reused kegs, you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint. Each reused keg saves significant amounts of energy and resources compared to manufacturing new ones. It’s a small change that makes a big impact on our environment.

Promote Sustainability: Make a statement to your customers and stakeholders by embracing sustainability. By choosing reused kegs, you’re demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility, earning the admiration and loyalty of eco-conscious consumers.


Purchase Used Kegs to Save Up to 30%

Cost-Effective: Let’s talk savings! Reused kegs are a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing brand new ones. You’ll enjoy the same high-quality performance at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to allocate your budget to other essential areas of your business.

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